Yes, You Can Paint Furniture!

Many times homeowners purchase a new home or condo that is already furnished. Once they move in they realize that the furniture that was included in the purchase of the home is not to their taste. So they go shopping and unfortunately they do not find anything they like. Then it dawns on them, “Maybe I could have my furniture painted in a different color. But who does this type of painting?”

Has this ever happened to you?

We just finished painting a home in Gulf Harbour in Fort Myers and this same thing happened to this homeowner. The furniture was nice, in great shape but was the wrong color. While we were painting the interior of the home the homeowner asked me if I could paint her furniture.“Absolutely”, I said.





In the photos above you will see two night stands, four dinette chairs, a table base, bedroom dresser, head board, mirror, and an armoire. Some pictures are before the primer was applied, and some are after the primer was applied. Once the primer is applied we must wait 48 hours before applying the final coat of paint.

Also, here is the table base before the primer is applied.



Watch for our next blog to see the rest of the project!