An UPDATE for Watch for This Red Flag when Hiring a Painting Contractor

Back in August, I wrote a blog titled “Watch for This Red Flag When Hiring a Painting Contractor.” In that blog, I told a story about how I saw a customer at a paint store standing there, at the counter, buying his own paint!

That’s a big no-no. No reputable, licensed painting contractor should make the customer buy paint. A contractor should be able to do it himself. That’s the professional way to handle a job.

Well, five weeks after I posted that blog, that very same customer contacted me. They told me that the contractor they had hired – a one-man show, as is typical – wasn’t honest with them. He had been on the job for five weeks and still wasn’t finished.

The customer asked me if I had time to come in and finish, as they (understandably) were eager to move into their home.

Folks, that’s why you have to be careful when you’re hiring a painting contractor. You don’t want to be that customer who has to buy their own paint – only to wait weeks and weeks through delay after delay for a disreputable contractor to finish the job.