Black Lanai Ceilings: Hanging Tape and Mold

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Black Lanai Ceilings: Hanging Tape and Mold

At Ron’s Painting, we like to share some of the questions we get in addition to our answer in order to help others better understand what they are experiencing.

Below is a comment that we got from someone about their ceiling:

“I just came down to my Sanibel home for the season and I looked at my back lanai ceiling and I noticed a crack in my drywall ceiling.  It looks like there is white tape hanging there.  Is this something that can be fixed, or do I need a whole new ceiling? I also see a lot of black staining on the ceiling, what could that be?” Charlie A- Sanibel, Florida

Here is our answer:

What you are seeing is the tape joint between two pieces of drywall that has come loose.  We find this issue on many homes when we are doing exterior painting.  If your ceiling has a skip trowel texture to it, what we do is remove the loose tape joint, seal in the drywall dust under the tape joint, and put in a new piece using fiberglass tape.

Then, we smooth coat over the new tape joint with joint compound and allow it to dry overnight.  The next day, we give it another light coat of joint compound, and then apply a skip trowel texture to the patch to help it blend into the existing texture.  After everything is dry, we prime the area that is patched and paint your entire lanai ceiling with a coat of Sherwin Williams Super Paint in a satin finish.

If your ceiling has a  knock down or orange peel texture, we go through the same process except we have to smooth coat the entire ceiling with joint compound and then apply a new texture to your entire ceiling.  The reason for this is that knock down textures or orange peel textures are extremely difficult to match where you cannot see where the patch is.  This is because when the surface was originally textured, it was sprayed on with a machine and to match it the same process would have to happen.  We can come close, but we cannot match exactly, which is why we have to do the entire ceiling.

The black staining on the ceiling is mold, which can be cleaned off with a bleach and water solution.  This is caused by all of the rain, heat, and humidity that we have during the summer months. We would remove the mold before we patched the ceiling.  If the mold is painted over or patched over, then it will continue to grow and cause further problems.   We would also recommend pressure cleaning the exterior of your home, this should always be done on a yearly basis.

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By Ron Rooker President Ron's Painting LLC.