Can I Beat the Rain with My Acrylic Stain?

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Can I Beat the Rain with My Acrylic Stain?

“If the temperature is in the upper 50’s and it is supposed to rain that night, is it ok to stain your house that morning? I will be using Behr acrylic stain, which says the dry time is one to two hours before applying a second coat of stain.”

Mother Nature sometimes gets in the way of a home improvement project. With 50 degree temperature, it will take the stain three to five hours to set up well enough to endure rain.

My theory is if it does not get above 60 degrees during the day, and gets below 50 at night, I do not paint outside. The paint won't cure properly, thus shortening the lifespan of your exterior paint job.  If the stain is not dry enough and it rains, the water will streak your siding and you will never get the streaking out without a lot of additional work.

My recommendation is to allow the temperature to warm up before applying the stain. You can never fight Mother Nature when it comes to painting.