How Can I Match the Color of My Home’s Paint? Home Painting Advice

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How Can I Match the Color of My Home’s Paint? Home Painting Advice

My home was painted 3 years ago. I have three gallons of paint left in a five gallon container. The paint put on dries darker than the original. The home is seven years old. Do you have any suggestion as to how I can make a touch up match?

This is a common situation with home painting, especially in Southwest Florida, since paints can fade over time.

The only way you can come close to matching the color is to try and take a sample from the house to your local paint store and have it rematched. You are dealing with three years of fading that you are trying to match. Also, you will probably have to use a flat paint. I imagine your existing coating has lost some, if not all, of its sheen.

Know that even after doing this, you will not get a perfect match. But, getting your paint rematched can come close to the original. You may have to paint corner to corner or find a stopping point to blend in the new color.

Please keep in mind that many colors will fade after one year of being exposed to the sun, depending on where you live and what colorants were used the paint or stain. In our climate, that is especially true. The sun can fade your colors and give you a different look than the original coat of paint you put on.