How Can I Tell When It Is Time for Exterior Painting for My Building?

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How Can I Tell When It Is Time for Exterior Painting for My Building?

“What is the time frame (in years) for how long we should wait between paint jobs for the exterior of a condo building? We are in Sanibel.”

There are a lot of factors that play into how long a paint job will last. These factors include the color chosen, quality of paint used, the painting contractor’s experience, how the paint was applied, whether the building was properly prepared before the paint was applied, when it was last painted, the amount of trees around the building, and others.

Most of my painting projects last seven to 12 years, depending on the color that is chosen when I paint the home or condo on the exterior.

My recommendation is to walk around the building, see if there is any sheen left on the existing coating, and wipe your hands on the walls of the building. If you get a lot of color on your hand (chalk), then it is way past time to paint. If you get a little color on your hand, then it is now time to paint.

If you get no color on your hand, and the paint still carries sheen, then you may still have some time before you need to paint again.

Also, look on the north side of the building and see how much mold is growing on the building. If there is a lot of mold on the north side, and some mold growing on the rest of the building, then it may just need to be pressure cleaned.

See if the paint is chalky and comes off; if it does, it’s time to paint.