How Small Things Make the Difference with Exterior Home Painting

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How Small Things Make the Difference with Exterior Home Painting

Many times it is the small things that a contractor does when painting the exterior of your home that makes the difference.

For example, this is a picture of window sill on the exterior of a home.

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The glass has been covered with plastic to keep the paint splatter and over spray off of it.  In this picture you will see a noticeable difference between the right side and the left side of this window sill.  One side has just been sprayed, while the other side has been painted with a brush.

When we paint a home’s exterior, we spray paint the home and back roll the paint into the stucco surface with a roller, then go back and cut in the top and bottom with a brush.  We then repaint the window sills and window returns with a brush to ensure that the stucco in this area has been completely covered.

Why is this step important? If it does not have a good coat of paint, when it rains the window sill will hold the water; over time this is one of the places mildew will start to grow.  As the water drips down from the window sill, it will eventually streak the stucco under the sill with mildew.  This is why we always go back and repaint all window returns and window sills by hand even after the house has been spray painted.

With just one example, you can see how the details matter with exterior home painting. The more you take care of the details, the better shape your home will be in after your exterior home painting project is complete.