How to Make Sure Your A/C Vents Match the Walls

 "My air conditioning vents look terrible now that my ceilings have been painted to match my walls. I can't believe this, when we had the interior of our home painted, we had the ceilings painted to match the wall color. Now every single a/c vent in the ceilings stands out like a sore thumb. I wish the painter that did our painting would of said something to us while he was painting our home. Now what can we do to fix this problem?"

There is a solution to this. When we do interior painting and the homeowner picks a color for the ceilings, we always paint the A/C vents to match the ceiling color, especially when the A/C vents start to get dingy-looking due to the age of the home.

We will take them out, clean them, put them back in place, prime them then spray-paint them to match the color of the ceiling. Many times we run into a situation where there is a vent in the wall, so we paint them to match the wall color. When we paint them we always spray paint them, this way we can get the entire vent painted. We also do this to the rims of can lights in the ceilings.

You will see in the pictures below where we are spray painting the vents in the ceiling and wall. The bottom picture is of the vents and light rings painted to match the ceiling color. Doesn't that look a lot better than white?