How to Properly Stain a Driveway

Q: “I'm getting ready to paint my driveway that I believe has an oil-based paint on it. I want to stain it with Behr concrete stain. Is there a primer or something that I can put down first that would allow the stain to adhere to the oil base?” - Chris from Fort Myers, FL
A: This is what you need to do.

First, pressure clean your driveway using bleach and water and allow to dry overnight. Then, go to PPG/Porter Paint and buy Glidden’s Grip Tite oil-based bonding primer. Put the bonding primer on the concrete driveway and allow to dry overnight.

While you are at the paint store, purchase Glidden’s concrete stain in the color you wish. Paint the driveway with two coats of stain, allowing them to dry overnight between coats. Do not use Behr concrete stain. Use the system I am recommending and you won’t have any problems. (Do it any other way and you will have problems!)

From start to finish, this will take you four days, but it’ll be worth it in the end when you get the driveway you want. This is the way to stain a driveway!