Keeping Your Outdoor Deck Looking Beautiful

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Keeping Your Outdoor Deck Looking Beautiful

Pau Lope is an exotic hardwood and, as it weathers, it turns a shade of gray.  Pau Lope hardwood decks are made to weather the environment and do not necessarily require a stain application to protect the wood from the elements.  There is nothing wrong with it turning gray; this is natural. However, I have several clients that love the look of the Pau Lope hardwood’s brilliant color, as it was when first put down.

Deck Painting
Outdoor deck partially stained after pressure clean

For several clients who prefer the original color, we can apply a stain to the hardwood.  Although, I have to give the disclaimer that once you start to put any type of stain on this wood, it becomes a maintenance situation.  Each year, you’ll be removing the old stain and applying new stain.

Here is what we do for our clients on an annual basis...

We first pressure clean the deck using bleach and water, getting very close with the pressure cleaner’s tip to remove the old stain.  After allowing it to dry for a couple days, we apply a coat of Benjamin Moore oil-based clear stain to the deck.  When done, it will look fantastic!  With the oil-based finish, this deck will attract mildew over the summer and turn black over time, but once we pressure clean and stain it, it will look brand-new again.

staining a deck
Outdoor deck fully stained and beautiful!

Another way is to prepare the deck the same way, but use Floods CWF Hardwood Stain on the deck to give it a different natural color.

Depending on the look you want and whether or not you’re willing to do a yearly maintence program, your outdoor decks can look beautiful and new again!

By Ron Rooker

President Ron's Painting LLC.