My Paint Job Separated; Now What?

You are in a zone, listening to your radio, painting the bathroom and all of a sudden you put paint on the wall above the counter top at the sink and the paint separates.  What is this? What is causing this? Then you realize about 1/2 inch above the counter top on the wall the paint has separated.  You allow it to dry, then say, “I will just paint over it again,” but it doesn't help.  The paint separates again. Now you’re frustrated.  How can this be fixed?  The reason the paint is separating is simple: whoever caulked the counters at the wall used a silicone caulk.  Most silicone caulks are not paintable and this is what happens.  The paint separates. What I have found to work most of the time is you tape off the counter top, or window or whatever shouldn’t get paint on it with blue tape and spray Cover Stain oil-based bonding primer over the silicone that is to be painted.  Now what is important is the latex paint must be dry that is already on the wall before you spray the Cover Stain over the silicone.  Allow the Cover Stain to dry approximately 15-20 minutes; you can touch it, and if it isn’t sticky it is ready to paint. Now all you have to do is paint over the Cover Stain with one or two finish coats of paint allowing the paint to dry between coats before pulling up your tape. The paint should have stuck to the silicone. Now it is time to clean up, enjoy your new coat of paint in the room and move onto your next Southwest Florida painting project.