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One Mistake Homeowners Make when Touching Up Paint

I am in the process of painting the interior of a home in the Forest Country Club and found the perfect wall to show homeowners what happens when you patch holes in a wall and touch it up with the original eggshell paint.

I took this picture and it is an opposite wall of the sliding glass doors in the family room. Can you see the patches in the picture that are on the wall? The reason you can see the patch and the touch up is when the wall was originally painted, they used an eggshell paint.

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What I try to explain to homeowners when choosing a sheen for the interior painting of their walls is that with eggshell paint, you can't touch it up and not see where it was touched up. The areas will flash, and what you see in this picture are flashes on the wall where it was touched up.

So, when you are making the choice of sheen for painting the interior of your home's walls, keep in mind that eggshell, satin and semi-gloss paint will flash if you have to touch up the walls – even though you can wash it. However, if you choose a premium flat finish for your walls, like PPG's Silken Touch or Sherwin Williams Cashmere paint, they can be washed, scrubbed, and touched up.

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