Painting Over Stains from Mold | Southwest Florida Painting

Q.I scrubbed moderate black mold from an aluminum lanai ceiling but it left grey stains. Can that be painted over? I am enclosing the lanai with conventional walls and casement windows, removing the old vinyl window/wall system.

A. More than likely the aluminum lanai ceiling has been exposed to the elements somewhat.

What you need to do is wash the ceiling with a bleach and water solution and rinse with clean water. Once it is dry check it to see if it is chalky. If it is chalky, put a chalk sealer on it. (The reason I am telling you to check to see if it is chalky is because of the age of the lanai ceiling. When you cleaned it, you may have removed some of the old paint, and the gray you are seeing is the original bare aluminum).

Then go to Home Depot and buy Glidden Gripper, it is an interior exterior bonding primer. Paint the ceiling using a 3/8 in napped roller cover, it will leave less stipple. Allow to dry. Paint the ceiling with a coat of premium exterior paint in a satin or gloss finish. You can use the same 3/8 in roller cover, just make sure you have cleaned it well and allow it to dry.

When applying the primer and finish just cut in your edges and then roll the ceiling. If you do this in the hot part of the day and the lanai ceiling is exposed to the sun, you will have a harder time doing away with brush and roller marks, as the ceiling will heat up due to exposure to the sun. If you can do this first thing in the morning when it is not as hot out for the primer, then next day do the finish coat of paint.