Painting with Rounded Corners on Ceilings

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Painting with Rounded Corners on Ceilings

With the design of newer homes, many builders are using rounded corners on drywall rather than the traditional 90° angles on ceilings and walls that we are used to seeing.  Although this gives the interior of a home a very nice look, many homeowners get frustrated and can't quite figure out how to make different colors flow from room to room or in different layered ceilings.  What should the ceiling color be and what should the wall color be?

As you can see in the pictures attached, when you have ceilings with different heights and rounded corners it can be very difficult to come up with a stopping point to transition colors.  What we do is try to find a straight line, which can be very difficult because the rounded corner may not be completely level. So, we use a level to try and find a straight line.

Painted Ceiling

Many times when doing a coffer ceiling, it is important to make the line straight from floor to eye, but when drawing the actual line some adjustments may be necessary to ensure the two ends meet.  You can use blue painter tape just under the line and paint over the tape.  When you remove the tape you then have a straight line.  You have to be careful not to put a lot of paint over the tape, as the paint will seep under the tape, resulting in bleed through of one color on the other color when the tape is removed.  What we do is hand paint the line with a brush to ensure we have straight lines and no bleed through under the tape.

Painting Ceilings

As you will notice, the end result is a very neat and pleasing look that just adds to the overall impact of the rounded corners. Create straight lines and use them to guide your painting – or turn to a residential painting professional to help you with your project.

By Ron Rooker

President Ron’s Painting LLC.