Painting Your Home: Oil vs. Latex Paint


Ron's Painting RESIDENTIAL • COMMERCIAL • INTERIOR • EXTERIOR  • FAUX FINISHING in Southwest Florida. Serving Sanibel and Captiva Islands, Fort Myers, Naples, Bonita Springs, Estero and Cape Coral, FL. Don't forget to visit us on FACEBOOK! Painting Your Home: Oil vs. Latex Paint If you are considering painting your Southwest Florida home, then you more than likely are trying to choose between oil-based or latex paint—and which of these two options are best for your upcoming painting project. Both oil and latex paint has some significant advantages and disadvantages—learning more about each paint type and speaking with a professional painter can help you determine which of the two types of paint is best suited to meet your individual needs. Pros and Cons of Oil Paint When it comes to oil-based paints, one of the best advantages is that this type of paint is typically easier to apply—meaning the paint looks smoother when applied. Furthermore, oil-based paints tend to cover better and shrink less. However, there are also some considerable disadvantages including the increased drying time. In addition to taking longer to dry, oil-based paints may be quicker to crack and/or fade over time in comparison to latex paints. Plus, oil-based paint cannot be poured down your drain and often requires strong chemicals to remove the paint from brushes and other painting devices. In short, oil-based paint goes on smoother but takes longer to dry and is often difficult to clean and discard. Pros and Cons of Latex Paint On the other hand, there are some advantages and disadvantages of latex paint as well. Latex paint, unlike oil-based paints, dries very quickly and is incredibly easy to clean. In addition, painting devices can be cleaned in your sink with soap and water since the water-based paint is safe for drains. Finally, latex paint does not yellow over time, which can often be seen with aged oil-based paint jobs. However, more often than not you need to sand wood walls between coats. In short, if you are considering painting the interior trim on your home or office in Southwest Florida and are trying to determine the best types of paint to use, utilize the information above and call upon a professional painter—call Ron’s Painting to make sure your paint job is done right, every time.