Properly Caulking Exterior Gaps on Your Home

When completing an exterior house-painting project, one of the most important procedures one should ensure is done properly is the caulking that is done on your home, as well as ensuring the proper caulk is used. As you can see in the first picture above, there is a gap between the window and the wood trim surrounding this window. This picture was taken as I was caulking the exterior windows of this home and I noticed that a lot of the windows of this home had never been caulked, and the ones that were caulked had never had any painting over the caulk, which is necessary in order to preserve the caulk.

In the second picture above, you can see where we caulked the windows in order to properly and efficiently seal up the gaps. For the windows that had been previously caulked, we cut out the old caulk and applied a new caulk. We used a bronze caulk in order to match the aluminum window.

Once the windows were caulked, we allowed the caulk to cure overnight (a very important step) before painting over the caulk. By painting over the caulk, the caulk received a layer of protection from the elements and the suns UV rays.

In summary, three key things that are very important to remember when caulking the exterior gaps on your home are:

  • Use a premium grade caulk
  • Allow the caulk to properly cure overnight properly
  • Paint over the caulk