Protect Your Home While You’re Away with

I like to share great opportunities with my customers that make their lives easier, which is why I am recommending one company to you today: Gulf Shore Home Watch & Concierge, operated by Dew Cunningham.

Gulf Shore Home Watch & Concierge helps homeowners feel safe and secure when they’re away from their properties. They offer home inspection services that inspect everything from your home’s exterior to your appliances, A/C, yard, and everything else for working order and security.

For example, they’ll check exteriors just to make sure everything is in place and undamaged. They’ll check your doors, sliders, and windows to make sure they’re secure. They’ll also look after your A/C unit, kitchen appliances, and plumbing fixtures to keep them maintained. And if you have agreements for maintaining your lawn and pool, they’ll make sure those are carried out, too.

In addition, Dew offers a concierge service that helps you by scheduling maintenance and repair/installation for your home with trusted sub-contractors, meeting these contractors at your home, performing light grocery shopping, accepting delivery for furniture or appliances, carrying garbage to and from the curb, starting your car’s engines, and helping you prepare for hurricanes.

I admire entrepreneurship and think that what Dew is doing is a great idea that homeowners down here in Southwest Florida need. I encourage all of you to check out her website and give her a call whenever you are thinking about heading out of town and leaving your property all alone. She'll take good care of it.