Protecting Your Home’s Wooden Fencing in Southwest Florida

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Protecting Your Home’s Wooden Fencing in Southwest Florida

Wooden fencing in southwest Florida is a popular option for enclosing your yard that looks terrific and fits in nicely with the outdoor environment in our area.

Unfortunately, many homeowners in our area think that merely building the fence is the only step in creating a great look. They assume that the fence will last for years and maintain that great look without any extra effort. That simply isn’t true; you have to take care of the wood so the look you desire has staying power.

What Will Happen to Wooden Fencing?

If left untreated and unprotected, your bright wood fence will turn to a not-so-bright and unattractive shade of gray. Your fence will also likely warp thanks to the sun’s rays drying out the wood.

To remedy this, homeowners use a clear sealer – but that won’t solve the problem and will just lure you into a false sense of security. You have to take additional steps to protect your investment.

How to Protect Your Fence

One way you can maintain the color and shape of your fence is to stain it. You should use acrylic-based, pigmented stain (never an oil-based product) to stain your fence after it is installed. I like two products in particular: Wood RX and Spa N Deck, both of which help you avoid a long, six-month curing process like other products.

After you pressure-clean your fence, rinse and apply a surface conditioner. Then, before the wood is dry, apply the stain; the water will pull the pigments into the wood. Let the fence dry overnight and apply a second coat of stain.

Due to our climate, you want to use pigmented stain instead of clear stain. Follow this simple process and you’ll be able to better protect your new wooden fencing in southwest Florida from discoloration and disfiguration.

By Ron Rooker

President Ron's Painting LLC.