The paint is peeling off the exterior of my home. What is the cause. Blog 2 of 3

Once the surface has dried, we cover all of the windows with plastic then apply a chalk sealer to the stucco. This seals in the chalky surface so the caulking, patching and paint adhere's to the surface and then there is no longer adhesion problems. The dark lines you see is where the crew of Ron's Painting patched all of the cracks in the stucco.

Notice how nice and clean the flower beds are. We spent a lot of time cleaning up the paint chips.  Also notice that the paint near the soffits did not come off.  The reason for this is the sun never hit this area, and the previous coating in these areas was not chalky, thus you had good adhesion.  

All of the dark lines you see is the patching that was required to cover the cracks in the stucco. Homeowners don't realize how important a proper paint job is.  The cracks you see where not visible until we pressure cleaned and removed the paint. We use an elastomeric patching compound from Sherwin Williams and allow it to cure overnight before applying paint.  When doing exterior painting, one of the most important steps is to allow the previous step to cure properly.  You can't rush drying time with products.  This is very important to ensure your have a properly painted exterior surface.

In our last blog your will see the finished painted home, along with a surprise.