The Paint is peeling off the exterior of my home. What is the cause? Blog 3 of 3

When you hire a licensed professional painting contractor to do the job correctly this is what the results look like. The exterior of this home was completely transformed.

On the last day we were still cleaning up paint chips from the ground. The exterior of the home looks 100% better then before Ron's Painting began pressure cleaning the exterior of this home.  We painted the exterior of this home using Sherwin Williams Duration in a satin finish.  The paint job should last for many years, and the homeowners will not longer have to worry about peeling paint.

The picture below is the view of the front of this home after the professionals at Ron's Painting painted the exterior of this home on Fort Myers Beach.

If you would like how Ron's Painting does exterior painting, visit our website at and watch the video on the home page.

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The homeowner was so impressed with our work, he took the time to write us this letter and mail it to us.