The Paint is peeling off my the Exterior of my home. What is the cause?

When paint is peeling off the exterior stucco surface of your home, there is only 1 way to remove it.  Pressure cleaning the surface with at least a 4000 psi pressure washer and a rotating tip.  It takes a lot of time to remove the paint from the stucco.  You literally have to hit every inch of the surface to make sure you remove as much of the loose paint as possible. Look at the pictures in this blog, this is what can happen when you hire an inexperience painter to paint your home.  It takes a lot more time and money to fix a problem like this, then what it takes to paint a home properly. 

This is what can happen when you hire a low bidding painting contractor to have the exterior of your home painted. They did not properly prepare the surface the last time it was painted and when we pressure cleaned the home for a new exterior paint job, the old paint came right off.

When the paint comes off as you see here on the ground, it involves a lot of clean up after everything dries. This is what Ron's Painting runs into many times when we do exterior painting.  It is hard to predict how much time it takes to remove all of the loose paint.In all three pictures notice the difference in the paint color, from where it was previously painted to what it looks like once the old paint is removed. A home that normally would take us 2 hours to pressure cleaned took 2 men over 8 hours to pressure clean.

Watch for our next 2 blogs on how Ron's Painting fixing the peeling paint issue with this home and what the finished paint job looks like.