Using Paint and Primer on Stucco Walls | Southwest Florida Painting

Q: I purchased a home about 10 years old and it is stucco outside. One painter said it was never painted before he could see the holes in the stucco - even though it has two different colors on the outside. Will a paint with combined primer in it work on the walls? Or does it need a separate sealer?

A: Your home has been painted, it just has not been painted since it was built, and when it was built they used a construction-grade paint on the stucco. What you are probably seeing is a faded, chalky paint job that is original. What you need to do is find a Southwest Florida painting contractor that knows what to do.

Here’s a list of what I would do:

1.Pressure clean first. Allow to dry overnight.
2.Cover windows and screens with plastic.
3.Apply a chalk sealer. (Primers are not chalk sealers)
5.Patch cracks
6.Allow to dry overnight
7.Paint with 1 or 2 coats of a premium grade of exterior paint.

To get a real good idea of the process click on this link and watch the video on "How We Do Exterior Painting." You just need to find an experienced painter in your area who knows how to deal with stucco walls and do a great job.