What Color Should I Pick When Painting My Home’s Exterior?

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What Color Should I Pick When Painting My Home’s Exterior?

One of the biggest questions I get asked on a regular basis involves choosing the right color for a home’s exterior.

A lot of customers ask, “What colors are popular or trendy right now?” This is understandable, since you want to keep up with current trends and not pick a color that is viewed as “outdated” or out of style.

At the same time, though, you really want to base your choice not just on what other people view as attractive and popular, but also – and maybe even more importantly – what colors work best for your home.

How Your Home Influences Your Best Color

You should take into account what colors complement the overall look of your home before you decide on the paint at the paint store.

For example, did you know that the color of your roof can greatly impact the overall aesthetics of your home and even clash with certain colors? You’ll change your home’s paint scheme far more often than you’ll change your roof, so it just makes sense to pick a color that complements – rather than conflicts with – the roof.

Also, your home’s landscaping – including gardens around the front – could influence how people view your color.

Make Sure Your Paint Won’t Fade

Another important thing to consider is how your paint will stand up to the Florida climate.

There’ve been many times in which clients have purchased paint and applied it, only to have it fade in the Florida sun after only a couple of years. You have to make sure your paint can withstand fading.  Talk to the paint professionals at Sherwin Williams before making that final decision on paint color.  As them how the color you have chosen will hold up to the Florida Sun.  The colorants that are added to the paint determines how quickly any color will fade.

To help, bold, vibrant colors might be preferred over softer pastels, however  earth tone colors are also more resistant to fading.

Consider your home and what it looks like before you choose your paint, and also take into consideration the southwest Florida sun.

By Ron Rooker

President Ron's Painting LLC.