Where to Find Licensed Contractors in Lee County and Collier County

I’ve had plenty of customers say something like this: “I want to hire a contractor to do work at my home, but how do I know if he has the proper license required to do work in Lee County? I wish there was a place that I would look or call to find this out.”

Have you ever had this problem? If so, there’s an easy solution. The best place to look is the website for Lee County Contractor Licensing.

If you can't find the correct title for your contractor, look under “Misc Contractor.” Or, you can always call Lee County Contractor Licensing at 239-533-8895. If you are in Collier County you can go to the Collier County licensing website or call 239-252-2431.

If you are thinking about hiring a handy man or maintenance person, you need to know what they are legally allowed to do with their license. You can learn more about that by going to this website.

Always hire a licensed contractor to perform work on your home. You don’t want to waste time and money – and potentially damage your house – by letting an unqualified, unlicensed person work on your property.