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Welcome to Ron's Painting

For more than three decades, Ron's Painting has provided superior painting services to homeowners in Southwest Florida.  The licensed and experienced team at Ron's Painting will make your home shine and protect your investment with the right coatings to shield it from Florida's harsh weather conditions.

Ron's Painting specializes in rescuing homeowners from painting disasters caused by inexperienced laborers masquerading as professionals.  Sadly, whether we are in a recovering economy  along with recovering from a hurricane or a booming economy, it brings out unscrupulous actors who try to take advantage of unsuspecting customers.  Fortunately, Ron's Painting has extensive experience fixing the damage and restoring your home's luster.

To protect the public from unlicensed operators, Ronald Rooker, the president of Ron's Painting, publishes free guides, articles and blogs for consumers on this website.  Ron offers useful tips for selecting the right paints and finishes for any surface based on over 35 years of experience and knowledge in the painting industry. 

One thing that separates Ron's Painting from other painting contractors in Southwest Florida, is Ron, the owner is on every job working with his crew.  My  2  English speaking employees are well trained by Ron

 Ron has found that it is extremely important to hire English speaking team members, this way my clients can communicate with my employees, Nancy and Matt as we progress through their interior or exterior painting project. 

Quality Without Question is our motto.

Exterior House Painting

How We Do It In Florida.

Click on this video to see how the professionals at Rons Painting does exterior home painting. We use Sherwin Williams Duration in a satin finish as our paint of choice. It comes with a 10 year warranty from Sherwin Williams.

Painting Services

Exterior Painting

May 2, 2019, 2:09 PM

Have you ever wondered how you could add a certain distinctiveness to your home by painting?

Interior Painting

Jul 18, 2018, 11:19 PM

Does the interior of your home look and feel as inviting as you imagined? Let Ron's Painting help.

Faux Finishing

May 2, 2019, 10:40 AM

Is Faux Finishing still as popular as it used to be. What are the advantages of Faux Finishing vs Wallpaper?

Tray Ceilings

Mar 29, 2019, 9:50 AM

Tray ceilings can enhance the beauty of any room.

Quality Without Question."

Ron Rooker

More On Our Painting Services

Exterior Painting

May 2, 2019, 2:09 PM

Have you ever wondered how you could add a certain distinctiveness to your home by painting?

Interior Painting

Jul 18, 2018, 11:19 PM

Does the interior of your home look and feel as inviting as you imagined? Let Ron's Painting help.

Faux Finishing

May 2, 2019, 10:40 AM

Is Faux Finishing still as popular as it used to be. What are the advantages of Faux Finishing vs Wallpaper?

Customer Reviews

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5 141 Reviews
Everything about doing business with Ron was first class, right from my initial inquiry which he promptly responded to, the way he finished up the project and everything in between. Without bashing the competition, he thoroughly explained what was great about his company, his process for painting a home's exterior as well as the points to look for and confirm when choosing a Painting Contractor. He was excellent in helping us choose our colors (we changed the color palette, so it was a bit tricky for us on our own), he asked questions about what we liked and knew exactly what to suggest. His team, Nancy and Matt were equally outstanding, from how courteous they were to the quality in which they did their work! Attention to detail at its finest. Simply put, this was one of our best experiences ever in hiring a contractor, our home looks amazing, and we'll be calling Ron back to do the interior next.
WOW! Perfect in every way! They did a great job on my hourse
Ron is a wonderful painter he came to my house on Monday morning to start at 6:30 and was there every day at 6:30 including Saturday. He did the whole outside of my 2 story house. They also painted stairs on interior of our home and did two rooms upstairs. While Ron was there, we had a old water leak that was detected in a bathroom wall. We had to remove one whole wall half of a wall and a ceiling. Ron put it all back together and you cannot even tell the work was ever done. I bragged about it so much with my friends they had to come over to see for themselves. And they were so impressed. They all took his phone number. If you want a great painter, and a custom painter, you need to use Ron he has painted two homes for me. Ron and his workers are the most professional painters I have ever hired! They showed up ready and prepared to work. They also painted our LR 16 ft ceilings, a stairway, one bathroom and another large room. Ron and his workers are the ONLY painters I will ever hire. This is our 2nd house they have painted. Perfect in every way.
Very pleased with exterior painting and change of color.
Ron’s painting exceeded our expectations. Ron made sure we understood the process from the estimate to finished product. Always available to answer questions and offer experienced suggestions. Very good experience and we are very happy with the work. Thank you!
Best Painters I Have Ever Dealt With
Ron is the last of the true professional tradesmen. He helped me with a Captiva Island whole interior repaint that began with a signed contract prior to Hurricane Ian and extended for months while I had hurricane damage repaired so I could paint. Ron accepted the delays caused by other, less honest tradesmen and accommodated the need for additions to the original contract required by storm repairs. Ron did all of his work while I was away at my second home. He went above and beyond the scope of work in our contract in order to assure I returned to an "as new" home. After struggling with shady subcontractors for repairs I was very pleased with Ron's promptness and professionalism. He did everything in our agreement and more. I highly recommend Ron's Painting if you want the job done right the first time. He is excellent.

Ron's Blog

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Meet My Team


Ron Rooker

Managing Owner

45 Years Experience


"The Beast"

Absolute Boss

Runs the crew!


  1. Construction businesses are required to carry workers' compensation insurance for every employee.
  2. They can exempt up to three corporate officers if each can demonstrate ownership of at least 10% of the company.
  3. They are also required to ensure any subcontractor they use carries workers’ compensation insurance for its employees.
  4. Individuals, operating as “Sole Proprietors”, are not eligible for workers’ compensation exemptions and therefore must secure workers’ compensation insurance if working in construction.
  5. Owners of companies working in construction, must be on that company’s workers’ compensation policy or as mentioned above, have a valid workers’ compensation exemption from that company.

Important for homeowners to realize.

·         Individual sole proprietors are required to carry workers’ compensation insurance since there is no way for them to secure a workers’ compensation exemption.

·         Never directly hire or allow your contractor to hire a person to work for you or on your behalf without having workers’ compensation insurance.

·         Always have any contract you use provide you with a copy of their general liability insurance listing you as a certificate holder.

·         Additionally, more protection care be had for the homeowner by requiring contractor to list homeowner as an Additional Insured on his/her general liability insurance policy. This will ensure damage caused the contractor, can be filed directly by homeowner since homeowner will also be listed as an insured on that policy.



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