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All About Faux Finishes | Fort Myers Painting

May 14, 2015 -- Posted by : ajpereira

finished painted faux

Over the years, several of my Fort Myers painting customers have asked me about faux finishes in their homes. A lot of the questions I answer have to do with whether or not faux finishing a home is still in style or popular. To those homeowners, I say “Yes! Faux finishing is popular in many parts of the nation, including our area.”  I always recommend to them to do an accent wall, a coffer ceiling, or a niche in a faux, rather than a entire room.  When doing a entire room many times large pieces of furniture are put on the room cover the faux finish that you just paid a lot of money for.  However if you faux a niche or a coffer ceiling you will enjoy the look everytime you walk into the room.

Some homeowners, though, don’t really understand what faux finishing is and how it can be used for a Fort Myers painting project. That’s why I decided to answer a few questions about it.

What is faux finishing?

second finished pained faux

Faux finishing is a painting technique that makes a surface look like it is made of something else other than sheetrock and plaster.

For example, you can make your wall look like marble, stone, wood, or any other surface. You can give it a textured look, or can make it look very stylish.

When do people use faux finishing?

A point of view of the finished painted faux


People typically decide to use faux finishes on the interior whenever they want to either add a bit of flair to a room or want something other than plain paint. This usually means either doing a faux finish or using wallpaper. But many homeowners don’t want to deal with wallpaper, or the wallpaper removal when it becomes outdated, and I don’t blame them.

What faux finishing services do you offer?

At Ron’s Painting, we offer a few different services and techniques, including rag rolling, color washing, marbled walls and columns, brick/block, fresco, metallic, leather, distressed and graining, stripes, sponging, geometrical design, and others.

Talk with me about what look you want and we can come up with a plan to achieve it.

finished painted faux




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