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Color Approval for HOAs

Jan 5, 2017 -- Posted by : ajpereira

One of the most important services we offer at Ron's Painting is to assist homeowners in the selection of exterior paint colors that will meet the approval of their Homeowner’s Association. Many homes in Southwest Florida are in neighborhoods where there are Homeowner’s Associations that require exterior paint colors be approved by an Architectural Review Board prior to the home being painted.

I suggest my clients allow me to assist them in selecting colors before they submit them to the Homeowner’s Association. I am familiar with many HOAs and know you do not typically have to submit colors if you are painting the exterior of your home the same color, but if you are changing colors or if the HOA has modified their rules where all paint colors must be submitted, colors must then be selected for approval.

Once I have a commitment from the homeowner that I will be painting their home, I meet with them and give them a paint color deck, either from Sherwin Williams or PPG. I ask them to pick main colors they like for the main body color. Once this is done, I will meet my client again to review their color selections and help them narrow down their color choice by what I think will cover in 1 coat of paint, but also by what colorants are used in tinting the paint to get the paint to that particular color. The reason I want to see what colorants are used in the paint is certain paint colorants do not hold up well in the Florida sun, even though we use premium exterior paints, like Sherwin Williams Duration or PPG's Permanizer.

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Once I have determined the best color selection for durability, I will purchase a gallon of paint and put some paint on the client’s home to ensure the paint color will cover in one coat of paint. Many times I may have to have the color tweaked a bit in order to get one-coat coverage. My theory is, “Why pay for two coats of paint, when you can select the right paint color and accomplish the job with one coat?”

After determining the paint color will cover with one coat of paint, we pick out the accent color and make sure that color covers in one coat of paint also. Only then do I suggest that the homeowner submits their exterior paint colors to their HOA.

The reason we offer this service to our clients is to save clients from having to resubmit paint colors because a color chosen does not cover in one coat of paint and also so I can save them money by not having to apply a second coat of paint.

However there are times where 2 coats of paint are needed, if the color we are painting over was chosen by a previous homeowner and the new homeowner has different taste in paint colors and we can't find a color that covers in 1 coat over that previously chosen hideous paint color.


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