Creating the WOW Factor with Interior Home Painting

Sep 26, 2016 -- Posted by : ajpereira

I want to paint the interior of my home, so I went to the paint store and looked at paint color chips to for the interior of my home. I have a couple colors picked out, however I want to add a WOW factor to the interior without spending a lot of money. Do you have any suggestions? 

As a custom painting contractor, I am asked this question almost every time I give an estimate for interior painting. There are so many ways to add the WOW factor to the interior of a home that are cost-effective.

Here are few pictures of the interior of a home that we recently painted in Bonita Springs. The first picture is of a coffer ceiling where we painted it using Modern Masters Blackened Bronze. The ceiling was 21 feet high so we needed scaffolding to paint the ceiling.

painted ceiling

The second picture is of the entrance foyer ceiling before it was painted. As you can see, this looks pretty plain. Now look at the third picture, where we used a product from Meoded - a bronze glitter paint. This paint was applied with a brush to the entire ceiling in a cross-thatch effect.

painted high ceiling

second painted high ceiling

If you notice there are three windows that are just below the ceiling, which allows light to shine on the ceiling which enhances the glitter effect. This paint really looks phenomenal when you have up lighting in the room.

In this next picture, notice how much of a WOW factor it gives this dining room coffer ceiling once the lights were installed. Also notice the large windows which adds a lot of light to the metallic coffer ceiling.

angle painted ceiling and wall

In this picture where we applied the metallic blacked bronze glitter paint, see how much the up lights in this foyer makes this ceiling look stunning.

painted ceiling


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