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Dealing with Multiple Products on Your Driveway

Apr 10, 2015 -- Posted by : ajpereira


I bought a house in Flagler Beach, Florida recently and the driveway needs repainting. It was originally stamped concrete, then later a red concrete oil-based stain was applied. Later, a water-based cream color paint was applied but it has worn off in many places and the red is showing through. Both have been tested with denatured alcohol.

I would like to put H&C Water based Solid Color Concrete Stain on the top coat, but I am concerned that it may not adhere well to the red oil-based surface showing through. I have power washed thoroughly and no more of the cream water based paint is coming up and no red has ever come up. Home Depot recommended a bonding primer called Tuff Grip, then painting with water based Behr 1 part epoxy Concrete and Garage paint. I talked with Sherwin Williams and they told me I would have to get all the old water-based paint up before I could be assured of the H&C adhering, but it is a very large 2400 sq ft driveway and I can't do that.

If I apply the Tuff Grip, will the H&C water based stain adhere? Or, would I be better off going with the Tuff Grip plus the Behr paint? Would Tuff Grip plus H&C solvent paint be an option? Or is there a better option you can recommend to ensure lasting bond and no hot tire pickup? Thanks!”

--- The biggest problem you have is that you are dealing with different products on your driveway.  Latex paint over oil-based paint is one of the biggest no-nos in the painting industry.  The next biggest no-no is using a primer from one manufacturer then a finish coat from another manufacturer.  Should one of the products fail then both manufacturers will void their warranty.

My recommendation is to find a PPG paint store near you and go in and talk to them about Glidden's Grip Tite bonding primer and Glidden's acrylic concrete stain.  Both products are manufactured by Anvil out of Tampa and sold by Glidden.  The Grip Tite bonding primer is an oil-based primer which should stick to a Xylene-based stain, latex stain, and oil-based paint.  This is the bonding primer I use if I do not know what is currently on the driveway and pool deck. Allow the bonding primer to dry overnight.  Then paint the driveway with 2 coats of Glidden's acrylic concrete stain.  DO NOT USE ANY OTHER PRODUCT OVER THE BONDING PRIMER!

If you do not have a PPG store near you, go out of your way to find one.  This is the only system I would recommend; anything else may fail and then you will have a terrible mess.  I would also recommend getting in touch with Anvil in Tampa  and explain to them what your situation is with the multiple coatingson your driveway and ask them what they would recommend using on your driveway, then buy it from PPG or whoever else sells the Anvil products.

Here is a link to Anvil's website: http://www.anvilpaints.com/decorative.html


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