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Exterior House Painting: How to Fix Rusty Corner Beads on Exterior Stucco Walls

Jun 12, 2013 -- Posted by : ajpereira

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Exterior House Painting: How to Fix Rusty Corner Beads on Exterior Stucco Walls

Are you wondering how you can fix the rusty corner beads that are on your exterior stucco walls? If so, we are here to help.

In fact, we are asked this question almost every time we look at an exterior painting job.

If you own an older home, the contractor who built the home more than likely used a metal corner bead on all of the outside corners and on the banding of your home. Over time, these corners become exposed to the salt air (as well as sprinkler systems if you have one) and eventually begin to rust. Once rust starts developing, it is very difficult to stop.

Fortunately, there is a band-aid approach that you can take to help stop the rust, depending on how badly your corners are rusted.  Specifically, you can grind down the corners with a wire brush attachment on your drill and put a rust inhibiting primer over the bare metal.  At Ron’s Painting, we use POR-15, which is an automotive primer.

This band-aid approach will sometimes work, depending on how badly the corners are rusted. If the rust is mild to moderate, then this approach will typically help remedy the rust problem.

However, if the corners have extremely bad rust and the corner beads are deteriorating, then a stucco contractor is often needed. When this occurs, we contact our stucco contractor partner, Ted Ney Stucco and Drywall, and have them cut out the old corner beads, install plastic corner beads, and then put new stucco over the corners. Once this process is complete and the corners are coated with a fresh coat of paint, you will never have to worry about rusty corners again!

Visit our exterior painting page to learn more about exterior painting – and remember to ask the experts at Ron’s Painting when you have a painting-related question.



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