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Dec 26, 2018 -- Posted by : ajpereira

Are people still doing Faux Finishing in their homes like they use to?  This is a question that I am asked all of the time by homeowners.  I am finding that it is not as popular as it once was. People are just requesting regular paint in their homes.  However homeowners who want to do a Faux Finish on the interior of their home are looking more for accent walls and accent colors instead of a Faux.  They are also looking more for specialty paint products, like Metallic Paint and Glitter Paint. I try to keep up on most of the lastest paints on the market so I can offer these products to my clients.  I am using both of these products as accent colors as well as traditional paint colors.  We can also do a Faux Finish using these specialty paints.  If you visit my Photo Gallery, under Latest Painting Projects you will see some of the coffer ceilings that we recently painted using Metallic Paints as well as Glitter Paints. The picture below is of a ceiling we painted in an entrance foyer using Glitter Paint.  The way it was applied makes it look like it was Faux Finished.  With the up light in the foyer the ceiling just glistened. 

finished painted faux

The good thing with the Metallic Paints that we use from Modern Masters, is these paints and be used not just as accent colors.  We use them when we paint the exterior of Cantera doors, and accent colors when we paint kitchen cabinets as highlight colors.


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