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Is faux finishings still popular?

Sep 13, 2022 -- Posted by : admin

I know wallpaper is still in for some rooms in a home, but what about faux finishing?

This is an exceptionally good question that I am asked quite frequently. Faux finishing is not as popular as it once was, in fact, many homeowners ask me to paint over a current faux finish or mural that they currently have in their home, they say it dates their home and it was also done by the previous homeowner.

However, there are still homeowners that would like a splash of a faux finish, or a specialty finish added to their coffer ceilings in a room or even an accent wall.

I am doing more specialty finishes using assorted color metallics and using glitter paints. Many homeowners are not sure about a paint that has glitter in it until I show them a sample of it.

Glitter paint can’t be used in all rooms, lighting is a big factor when it comes to glitter paint. If you don’t have the proper lighting in room the glitter paint will not shimmer, and you won’t get the full effect of the glitter.

Here is a dinette and a family room where we did a faux finish using glitter paint.


Metallics, I find are quite popular with homeowners. I use metallics quite a bit inside of coffer ceilings and the outside of front doors.


The homeowner of this Sanibel loved the metallic finish we painted their front door, they decided to have us apply the same metallic finish to the roof of the entrance of their home.


If you live in SW Florida and are interested in the metallic or glitter finishes  for your home, please call Ron’s Painting at 239-229-5669 or visit my gallery at Ronspainting.com


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