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How to Add Wonderful Color to Your Home’s Interior

Dec 6, 2016 -- Posted by : ajpereira

Have you ever wanted to add a little color to your home in certain rooms?

You go to the paint store and look at colors, your find something you like, and hire a painter to paint it - only to realize the color you picked is not quite what you were looking for. Now you are back to step one, picking the color.

I recently worked with a homeowner who just went through this process and was so frustrated with the colors she picked and the painter she hired. This homeowner reached out to Ron's Painting for help. After meeting with the homeowner and showing her not only different colors that were available, but also different finishes and textures that were available, Ron's Painting was hired to add a little color to certain rooms in her home.

On the fireplace wall we added a bronze tone glitter paint to the two niche inserts, which added a sparkle when she turned the lights on that were directed to the niches. The surrounding wall we painted with a metallic Champagne color to add an additional wow factor to the wall. After seeing the glitter in the niche we then added the same bronze glitter paint to the coffer ceiling in the entrance foyer and living room.

painted living room

painted ceiling

another angle of the painted ceiling

The dining room had some wonderful paintings and a magnificent light over the table. Here we painted three walls with a metallic warm silver color. When the light was turned on the walls just shimmered.

painted wall

Moving into the master bedroom, the headboard wall was painted using again a metallic Champagne color. Then we did the coffer ceiling in a champagne glitter paint.

another painted ceiling

We then used a metallic plaster and created a nice effect on a niche in the master bedroom hallway.

We just added a little color in certain rooms without having to completely paint a room and entire home and this just added that wow factor. We did it in a way so it complimented the furnishings, window treatments and accessories without having to buy new.

See what the homeowner said when we were done.....

“Ron's Painting was one of the most pleasurable experiences I've encountered in all of my home repair work. His team works meticulously & efficiently to get the job done. They are willing to make changes or do whatever it takes to satisfy the client. I wish more vendors out there had the work ethic & professionalism as that of Ron and his team.

I recommend and look forward to working with them again in the future!” – Patty G.


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