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If New Kitchen Cabinets Are Not In Your Budget, What Can You Do?

Jul 17, 2013 -- Posted by : ajpereira

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If New Kitchen Cabinets Are Not In Your Budget, What Can You Do?

It is costly to replace kitchen cabinets with new ones, so what can you do to give your current kitchen or bathroom cabinets a new look?

painted kitchen cabinets


Have you considered painting your cabinets? Painting them, or even applying a distressed faux finish, can give your kitchen or bathroom a whole new look!

If you use the proper materials and follow the proper steps, your cabinets can be painted with a paint job that will last.   At Ron’s Painting, we have been successfully painting cabinets for our clients for over 25 years. However, one thing we always tell our clients is that great care needs to be taken once they are painted, as they can get scratched or nicked up just like a car finish.  Nevertheless, they can also be touched up.

One of the most important steps is using the proper bonding primer on your cabinets.  It doesn't matter whether your cabinets are wood, Formica, or Thurmafoil, if you use the proper bonding primer the top coat of paint will adhere and the finish will be amazing.

The professionals at Ron's Painting use XIM primer sealer tinted to match (as close as possible) the finish coat of paint.  This primer dries very quickly, but smells bad.  As a result, we recommend wearing a respirator when using the primer.

painted kitchen cabinets

Simply sand, clean, and apply two coats of the XIM bonding primer with a brush and roll out the finish with a 4" foam roller cover.  Allow to dry overnight, and then apply two coats of the finish coat of paint with another foam roller cover.  Once finished, allow the finish coat to dry overnight, then rehang the doors and drawers and do all final touch-ups.

If you choose to have Ron’s Painting handle the task for you, we’ll remove the cabinet doors and drawer fronts and take them to our location.  There, we clean them, sand them on both sides, clean off the dust, and apply the XIM primer to both sides of the doors and drawer fronts.  Once the primer has dried, we then sand them, clean off the dust, and apply the finish coat of paint.  The result is a sprayed finish that looks beautiful and like new!

We have many happy clients with newly painted kitchen and bathroom cabinets, sparing them the expense of brand new cabinets.

For more information about the XIM Bonding Primer product, visit: http://ximbonder.com/?xim_products=400w-white

By Ron Rooker, Ron’s Painting

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