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Kitchen Cabinets....Should I paint them or replace them?

Dec 9, 2019 -- Posted by : ron.rooker

kitchen cabinet paintingThis is a question that I am asked every time someone in Southwest Florida calls me for a painting estimate for their kitchen cabinets.  My answer is simple, it's a matter of personal taste and your budget.  If your kitchen or bathroom cabinets are in relatively good condition, Ron's Painting can make them look like new again.  Just like you see in the two attached photos. These cabinets were a little worn from use over the years, but we were able to fix the imperfections and make the kitchen cabinets look new again.

The process for painting cabinets is very labor intensive and using the correct bonding primer is very important to do it correctly, however it is not as expensive as replacing your cabinetry.  If you replace your cabinetry you also need to replace your counter tops. If a homeowner is going to replace their counter tops any way that is a possible way to go.  However, if you love your cabinets and just want an updated kitchen, you can always replace your counter tops, then call Ron's Painting to paint the kitchen cabinets after you replace your counter tops.   This way we can fix all the imperfections on the walls from the countertop removal and replacement.

When choosing your contractor to have your kitchen cabinets painted, ask them their process, what bonding primer they use, how do they apply the paint and primer to the kitchen cabinets, doors and drawers and where do they do the work?

Ron’s Painting always removes the doors and drawers, we take them back to our shop where we have a spray booth and a drying room.  All other surfaces and painted at the homeowner’s residence.  Our process takes appoximately 7 days.

painted kitchen cabinets full kitchen


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