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Making Commercial Painting Work for Your Business

Feb 6, 2015 -- Posted by : ajpereira

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When faced with the prospect of painting their building, business owners often ask, "How in the world am I going to have my commercial building painted and not disturb my business?"

They often say, "My building looks terrible, it has not been painted since I had it built, but my business is open five days a week and vehicles coming and going all the time.  I don't have time to do it myself, I am too busy running my business.  What painting company will be willing to work on a weekend to do this work and where can I find such a company?"

These are all real concerns.  I totally understand.  As a business owner myself, sometimes I wish businesses were open on weekends so I could take care of personal business because I am always working during the week. However, we also do commercial painting projects on weekends to help business owners solve their problems so they can enjoy their weekends while we make your buildings look wonderful.

Here are pictures of a business we just painted on US 41 near Gladiolus. I am sure many of you  have driven past this building quite regularly. Maybe many of you have even used their services.  Beverly Hills Window Tinting.  The owner Chris Russo needed new signage on his building, but wanted the front mansard painted before the new signs were installed.


Beverly Hills Window Tinting

However, his business is open five days a week and 1/2 day on Saturday, and they did not want their signs down for more than one weekend.  In order to do a job like this for our clients, we have to work around a business's hours.  We were there one morning at 6:30 am to pressure clean, another late afternoon after they closed to apply chalk sealer, then back again after they closed to fill all of the holes with caulk.  We then waited until a Saturday afternoon once they closed to apply the first coat of Sherwin Williams Duration in a gloss finish, then went back again on a Sunday morning to apply the second coat of Duration.

We never disturbed their business, and signage was off for  only one weekend.

Look for our next blog on commercial painting on how and what we did to give this automotive repair shop a complete make over.



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