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Making Your Front Door Amazing | Southwest Florida Painting

Apr 24, 2016 -- Posted by : ajpereira

Now that spring is in the air many homeowners are starting to think about painting the exterior of their home. Whether you live in Florida like I do, or live up north, the climate starts to change and good exterior painting weather is here.

Now let’s add some pizzazz to the exterior of your home by creating that focal point to the front of your home that will impress all of your neighbors.

What in the world am I talking about? Well that focal point is your front door! When people drive by your home, you always want the focal point to be your front door, not your garage door. When you are painting your home always try and paint your garage door the same color as the main body color of your home. The only time you want your garage door to stand out is if you have it faux finished to look like wood or the door comes from the manufacturer looking like wood.

So what should you do with your front door? You can paint it an accent color. A completely different color from your main body color of your home, and different from your accent color of your home. Many times I either faux finish the front doors to look like wood, or we paint them using a metallic paint. If you choose a metallic paint always try and pick a color that compliments your door handles or even your outdoor lights.

The first picture is the result of us painting the front doors a Black Metallic Pearl.


The second set of doors is painted using Metallic Black Cherry.


In the next pictures we faux finished the front doors to compliment the two planters on the front porch.RonPic3_thumb


Even if your home does not need painting, you can still add that focal point to your homes exterior by painting your front doors. Contact a Southwest Florida painting pro to get this result for your own home.


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