Paint Quality: You Get What You Pay For, Part I | Southwest Florida Painting

Dec 17, 2014 -- Posted by : ajpereira

Most professional painting contractors know that the quality of the paint they use has a direct relationship with the final finish and the durability of the paint on any surface.  But what makes a quality paint, and how do you determine the right coating for each painting surface?

One thing I have learned after being a painting contractor for over 30 years is this: never use cheaper grades of paint and caulk.  When it comes to high-quality interior paint I always want to use a paint that will provide aesthetics and durability. I prefer paint that has good hiding and resistance to stains, dirt and burnishing, and that is formulated to go on smoothly to avoid brush marks, roller marks and spattering.

It is also important to my clients that even the flat finish paint is washable, which is unheard of in lower grades of paint. For these reasons, our interior paint of choice is Sherwin Williams Super Paint, Harmony or Cashmere.

For a good, high-quality, durable exterior paint the key factor is durability- the best exterior paints hold their color twice as long and resist peeling and blistering.  That is what will save the homeowner money on maintenance.  You should always look for paints formulated to resist chalking, mildew and dirt. Exterior paints with a sheen such as eggshell, satin, semi-gloss or gloss hold up best on exterior surfaces.  I usually don't use flats on exterior surfaces unless they have a slight matte finish.

For these reasons, our exterior paint of choice is Sherwin Williams Resilience, or Duration.

Higher-quality paint - even when priced higher - can save homeowners money.  A lower grade of paint offers a shorter life expectancy, is less durable, and fades quicker, which means you will have to paint again sooner.  A high-quality paint has a longer life expectancy, is more durable, will not fade as quickly, and in the case of exterior paints resists mold and mildew longer so you don't have to pressure clean as often.

Next week, we’ll continue to cover why you get what you pay for when it comes to paint with Southwest Florida painting.


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