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Paint Selection Tips to Extend the Longevity of Your Exterior Paint Job

Feb 10, 2017 -- Posted by : ajpereira

painted garage door and building

When I meet with my clients to assist them in selecting exterior paint colors, my aim is to guide them in the right direction so that appropriate colors are selected for the particular surfaces. Exterior house painting can be costly; therefore, I aim to ensure my clients get the most longevity from their exterior paint job. Consider how much money you could save if your exterior paint job were to last 8 to12 years, versus 5 to 7 years. One way to ensure the exterior paint job lasts the 8 to 12 years is to paint the home’s fascia and gutters a darker color versus a lighter color. If your home's fascia and gutters are currently painted in a lighter color, go outside and walk around your home, then look at the staining that you currently have on these surfaces. The staining you likely see is caused by the rain, washing dirt off of your roof, which then drips down the lighter-painted portions of your homes and stains your fascia and gutters. However, if you were to paint these surfaces with a darker color, as shown in the images within this blog post, the staining will not be nearly as noticeable, which makes your home look cleaner and fresher longer. On this particular home, we used Sherwin Williams Duration in a gloss finish to paint the fascia and gutters from a white to a darker brown that blended with the roof. The color we used was a Sherwin Williams color called Toasty.

painted rafters

painted rafter and whole house


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