Painting an Accent Color in a Coffer Ceiling

Apr 1, 2020 -- Posted by : ron.rooker

Many homes in Southwest Florida have coffer ceilings in different rooms of the home.  Homeowners are always looking for different ideas that can be done to the coffer, without necessarily doing a faux finish of any type of a coffer.  Using a specialty paint or just regular paint can dramatically change the look and feel of any room.

In this home we painted in the Verandah, this coffer ceiling using a glitter paint.  The reason this finish works so well in this coffer ceiling is the up-light chandelier.  When the light is turned on the ceiling just shimmers and give the coffer a dramatic, but elegant look.

coffer ceiling

In the great room coffer ceiling, we did a different finish and a different lay out. We painted the coffer ceiling, along with the first and second step under the coffer with Sherwin Williams interior ceiling paint in this accent color.  Notice how much the crown molding now stands out and the first lower ceiling stands out also.

coffer ceiling 2

In this hallway coffer ceiling, we painted the coffer ceiling and the step under the crown molding.  Once again, the crown molding stands out.

coffer ceiling 3

Another option for painting a coffer ceiling is to use metallic paint, but to do a different type of effect when applying the metallic paint.  Like this living room ceiling in this Grandezza home.  We even painted the ceiling fan to match the coffer ceiling.

ceiling fan

If you look closely, we always paint the inside of the can lighting and the a/c vents with the paint.  This way when you look up at the coffer ceiling the lights and vents don’t stand out.

Adding a little color to a niche always adds a little pizazz to any room.

5 niche.jpg


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