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Painting Exterior Privacy Walls

Dec 14, 2019 -- Posted by : ron.rooker

When painting the exterior of homes, it is especially important to pay attention to areas of the homes exterior that can’t be seen from the ground.  Many painting contractors’ figure if the homeowner can’t see it, then it doesn’t matter if it gets painted.

When we do exterior painting, we always pay attention to every detail and surfaces, even the areas no one can see.  When we painted the exterior of this home, we found that the top of the privacy wall was never properly prepared for paint the last time it was painted.​​​​​​

wall being patchedwall after being patched

As you can see in the above pictures, notice all the voids and cracks that are in the top of this wall.  This is where water gets down inside the block wall.  The sun over time hits the sides of the wall and forces the moisture out through the stucco which makes cracks in the stucco wall.  If it is not attended to properly over time the wall can end up with larger cracks and crumbling.

We first make sure these surfaces are properly pressure cleaned removing all mold, seal the surface with a chalk sealer, then patch the top of the wall with an elastomeric patching sealant.  By using an elastomeric product on stucco surfaces, the elastomeric patching product expands and contracts with the concrete block and stucco.  The elastomeric patching solution, if applied correctly and allowed to cure for at least 6 hours will keep the cracks sealed and no moisture will get past the crack and into the block wall.

cracks in wall20190401_131512.jpg

Once the top of the wall has been patched, we always allow curing before we apply a coat of Sherwin Williams Duration.


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