Painting Walls with Rounded Corners

Jan 8, 2019 -- Posted by : ajpereira

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Painting Walls with Rounded Corners

When we paint walls in homes that have the rounded corners, we use the same procedures as when we paint ceilings with rounded corners. However, the stopping point for the paint on the walls may be different.

In other words, where you want one color to end and the other color to begin is the big decision to make here.

Depending on how you want the colors to flow throughout the home, your dominant color (perhaps in the main room of your house) will go into the doorway and flow into the next room.  Like in the two pictures posted here, you will see how we stopped the wall color as it flowed into the kitchen from the great room.  You want the wall color to go into the doorway, but not into the kitchen itself, as the kitchen is another color.

painted wall with rounded corners

painted wall with round corners

Even in the second picture, the wall color for the great room meets the kitchen color, but does not go into the other room.  This can be done with any combination of colors and rooms. All you need to do is find your stopping point, draw a straight line and start applying color on the walls.

Check out the advice I gave about painting rounded ceilings for more help with finding that important straight line and keeping it neat and clean throughout the painting.

By Ron Rooker

President Ron’s Painting LLC.


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