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Priming and Painting Fiberglass Doors for a Faux Finish

Jul 10, 2013 -- Posted by : ajpereira

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Priming and Painting Fiberglass Doors for a Faux Finish

Have you recently installed fiberglass doors on your home and are wishing for a faux finish to make the doors look like wood? If so, then you may have many questions about how to successfully paint the doors to get the desired effect. Specifically, you may want to know more about what type of primer you should use on your new fiberglass doors.

When priming new fiberglass doors, the most important thing to do is contact the manufacturer to determine what they recommend for a primer.  If the correct primer is not used, it may void your warranty; therefore, our recommendation is to always call your manufacturer first.

From past experience, when we paint fiberglass doors an acrylic/latex primer must be used.  At Ron’s Painting, we use either Sherwin Williams Prep-rite or Glidden's Gripper.  Once the doors are primed on the exterior side, you must use a latex or acrylic finish coat on the doors. Never, ever use an oil-based paint on the exterior side of the doors. We like using Sherwin Williams Resilience as a finish coat.

On the inside, however, you can use an oil-based paint as well as latex.  The inside is protected by air conditioning, whereas the outside is exposed to the elements and the oil-based paint will not expand and contract with the fiberglass doors, thus causing paint break down.

In conclusion, when priming new fiberglass doors, remember to call your door manufacturer to see what they recommend first.



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