Properly Prepared Surface for Painting

Jan 17, 2018 -- Posted by : ajpereira

We received a message from a web visitor recently, which read as follows:

I just had my home pressure cleaned and the company that was doing the work came to my door and told me I had a problem with the paint on my home. I could not quite understand what the problem was, since I just had my home painted 3 years ago. When I walked outside to look at what they were talking about, I could see some paint chips in the grass and areas of where the paint was coming off and areas that were down to bare stucco. I told them to stop pressure cleaning until I could find out what was going on. Could you please give me some advice as to how to proceed?

My response was as follows:

Unfortunately, the last person that painted your home did not properly prepare the surface before applying the paint.

a wall that was not properly painted

This is what your home will probably look like once you hire another painter to come in and fix the problem. The mess in the yard will be unbelievable from the paint chips. The painters did not properly pressure clean the home using a bleach-and-water solution and they did not use the proper chalk sealer on your home when they prepared your home for painting.

Most homeowners do not know what to look for when getting painting estimates, so they just go for the cheapest price and do not pay attention to what they are getting for the price. They also don't know to make sure the painter applies the proper chalk sealer. Many painters think that if they use enough force when pressure cleaning, it will remove enough of the chalk, so they can keep their price down, just to get the painting job. They know that by the time the paint starts to peel off, the homeowner may not remember who painted their home, or if the homeowner does remember the painter will not return the phone call.

To see how to properly prepare the exterior of a home when painting, watch my video

Also, you can call your local Sherwin Williams paint store and ask to have a sales rep come out to your home and write specifications for painting the exterior of your home. They will then give your painting contractors that you are getting estimates from a copy of the specifications and tell them to follow the specs during the bidding and painting process should they get the job.


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