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How We Do Exterior House Painting in Florida

Have you ever wondered what is involved in doing exterior house painting on a home in Florida? Do I really want to paint the exterior of my home  myself, or should I hire a professional painting contractor to do it for me? What is the cost of painting a home's exterior? What is the best type of paint to use when painting the exterior stucco, wood? Can I paint my aluminum soffit and fascia? What about my garage door, can that be painted?  Should I use a flat,satin, or a semi-gloss finish, and where should I use these different finishes?  Where should I go to buy the paint?  How long will a paint job last in this Florida sun?

Please don't think you are the only homeowner asking these questions. I am asked these same questions and more almost daily by many Southwest Florida homeowners. That is one of the biggest reasons I made this video on exterior painting, I wanted to help educate not only homeowners but business owners too . Please watch the video above so you will see what is actually  involved in exterior house painting in Florida. You may decide hey, I can do this. Then again you may say to your spouse, honey I think that if we want it done right, so the paint job will last a long time, lets  hire a professional painting contractor to do it for us. This way if you decide to hire someone for professional house painting, you will at least know what questions to ask Then when it comes to painting a house you will know what to look for when the painting is being done. The home painting video will also give you some great house painting tips and painting ideas.  

If this is how you remember your screen enclosure used to look like before the Florida sun faded it so badly and you would like to have this look again.  Visit our Latest Painting Projects Page of our photo gallery to view 11 pictures of how we did it.

Island Sun-Sanibel a local newspaper on Sanibel Island has printed a new press release about "NeverFade" paint, and has designated Ron Rooker of Ron's Painting-Fort Myers as a Pro-X Certified Contractor.  Ron is not only the only Pro-X certified contractor in Florida but was the first in the United States.

The video we did on " How We Do Exterior Painting" was so well received by APV Engineered Coatings  the manufacturer of NeverFade paint,  wrote their specifications for their product NeverFade from this video.  The exterior of the home in this video was located on Sanibel Island in Florida where the climate is extremely harsh on the exterior of homes. Their specifications for Pro-X certified contractors is  based on this video and the 17 step process the professionals at Ron's Painting follow when doing exterior painting. There are many ways to paint the exterior of a home whether in Southwest Florida or anywhere else in the United States.  If you don't use the proper painting procedures when you or your painting contractor paint the exterior of your home, the paint job will not last.

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If you are looking for some great house paint colors, or exterior paint schemes, I recommend to all of my clients to visit your local Sherwin Williams Paint Store.  They will be happy to give you some brochures to help with your house paint colors.  Or visit my exterior painting photos and look at some of the homes we did exterior house painting on.

Please click on our video and watch how the painting professionals at Ron's Painting-Fort Myers properly prepare and paint the exterior of this home on Sanibel. If after watching the video you have further questions that is okay, many people do.  Please feel free to give me a call at 239-275-0425, and I will be happy to answer any house painting questions you may have. If you decide that house painting is not something you want to do on your own, I would also be happy schedule a time that is convenient for you to give you a free painting estimate.

Please click on the video and enjoy! 

When the professionals at Ron's Painting-Fort Myers, do exterior house painting in Southwest Florida we always use the same procedures.  It doesn't matter whether the home is 1000 square feet or 6000 square feet, the painting and prepping you see on the video is always done the same.  Ron's Painting-Fort Myers prides themselves on the quality of our workmanship.

If you are happy on what you have seen on our video on " How We Do Exterior House Painting" please fill out the form for a FREE PAINTING ESTIMATE or feel free to call Ron at 239.275.0425.  Ron will be happy to contact you and schedule a time that is convenient for you to come and talk about your next home painting project.

NeverFade-Logo--FINAL5.jpg When we did the exterior house painting of this Sanibel Island home, we used a brand of paint that is manufactured by APV Engineered Coatings. The product line is called NeverFade™ and is a low VOC exterior house paint that will not fade no matter what the exterior color is. APV Engineered Coatings has backed this up with a 15-year warranty, which includes replacement of product and labor related expenses.  However this paint is more expensive than your traditional exterior paint coatings.  I currently use a Sherwin Williams Duration in either a satin or gloss finish.  By using the Duration and depending on the paint color the homeowner chooses, the average life expectancy of the paint jobs is 8-12 years.

To view more information on NeverFade Paint please click here.

To view our latest press release regarding " NeverFade  "paint please click here.

To view more information on Sherwin Williams Duration please click here.

Many contracators do not want homeowners to have access to this information, they just want to do your job quickly and get paid.  However the professionals at Ron's Painting in conjunction with APV Engineered Coatings feel that all homeowners should be educated correctly when it comes to exterior painting.  That is why if you use our 17 step process along with NeverFade paint by APV Engineered Coatings your paint job will last 15 years.  Think of the money you will save.

Please visit the below links to see Ron's Painting 17 step process.  When APV Coatings did the press release,  Yahoo was so impressed with the NeverFade Paint and Ron's Paintings 17 step process for painting the exterior of a home they published the press release on their website.  Please visit link below.