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Pressure Cleaning

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How important is it to pressure clean a home before we do the exterior house painting? KR- Fort Myers

It is extremely important to have your home pressure cleaned before the exterior painting starts. But be sure and use bleach and rinse it off when your are finished.  If you paint your home without pressure cleaning first the mold and mildew will continue to grow under the paint job and eventually the paint will start to peel off.  Even though you do not see the mildew, it is there.  We do live in the tropics.  Once the home is pressure cleaned you must start painting right away.  The mold will start growning back within a short period of time.  Also be sure and rinse down your plants and windows to get the bleach film off of these surfaces.  Especially rinsce down your vegetation, as the bleach will kill the plants.   Ron R.  Ron's Painting-Fort Myers