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Ready For An Interior Do-Over?

Jul 18, 2018 -- Posted by : admin

Does the interior of your home look and feel as inviting as you imagined?  How can I add a little more color in my life? Am I missing the right finishing touches, but not sure who I should call to help with these changes? My neighbor was telling me that I should have someone come in and do Faux finishing, what exactly is this Faux finishing they were talking about? 

interior painting

I would love to get my painting done before I come down for season, or have it done while I am on vacation,  but can I really trust someone to come into my home while I am not there? 

What about paint colors or paint schemes. How in the world am I going to pick the right paint colors that will blend with my furnishing? Oh, I forgot, I need to have wallpaper removed in my bathrooms, will a painter do this for me?

These are all great questions and concerns many homeowners have on a daily basis.  My sister in Ohio just called me with some of the same questions recently.  She was looking for some interior home painting ideas since her home had not been freshened up with new paint colors since it was built, and some rooms just needed a new look. She also asked me a very difficult question, exactly was how much does it cost to do interior painting?


Many times when homeowners have the interior of their homes painted, they have their ceilings painted a color other than white.  When painting the ceilings other than white, the a/c vents, and any rings around the can lights will stick out, as they are usually white, and if the home is an older home they start to turn color from age and become dingy looking.  If you hire a custom painting contractor they automatically know what to do.  Anytime we do interior painting we always spray paint the a/c vents whether they are in the ceiling or walls the same color as the surrounding surface.  We also will paint the can light rings to match the ceiling color, this way they are not that noticeable. As you can see in the below picture we are spray painting the a/c vents, and in the above picture you will see how nicely they look painted to match the ceiling color.

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That's where the professionals at Ron's Painting-Fort Myers comes in. Since interior home painting is a high impact home improvement project that can rejuvenate your home with your own individual design statement at a much lower cost than most home improvement projects. Whether your decorating goal is to make a small space appear larger, make a large space seem smaller, lower a ceiling, raise the ceiling, hide things you don’t like, or make an architectural feature “POP”, the proper application of paint products and techniques can change the look of a room or entire home. Just a little imagination can bring your home to life, from drab to fab. Painting walls are only one aspect of a room – painting ceilings, doors and trim can also re-energize your living room, bedroom, dining room, or any other space in your home. Let color perform visual miracles. Imagine what a new interior paint colors today can bring.  Take a journey inward and embrace your passion for Today's Paint Colors.  Whether you prefer Purely Refined, Bold Invention, Restless Nomad, or Gentle Medley, let the professionals at Ron's Painting help you find that right paint color or paint scheme you are looking for.  There are endless ways to express yourself with interior paint colors, visit our Lets Talk Color web page to help you find the right color for each room in your home.  When it comes to the cost for interior home painting, there are so many variables that come into play, that is why I always tell my clients it is better for them if I come to their home and look at the rooms so I can find  the right interior paint colors and paint schemes and give them an accurate painting estimate in writing with no surprises.  I told my sister the same exact thing.

Please click on our Gallery to view some of our interior painting, faux finishing and exterior painting projects we have done in the Fort Myers and Naples area.  I am always adding new pictures of my latest painting projects to the gallery.  Please visit often.  We now have a video on our home page titled How We Do Exterior House Painting. The video goes threw the proper home painting steps the professional painters at Ron's Painting take when doing exterior house painting.  This video will give homeowners great exterior painting tips and and painting ideas if they choose to paint their own homes.

Are you looking for someone that will provide an interior painting service?  Will the painter move the furniture for us? How much extra will that cost? Where can I find some reputable interior painters? This is the question I am asked the most when I can't meet a homeowners dealine. All you can really do is go to Google and Google Ft. Myers Painters, read their reviews and ask them if they have Workers Compensation and Liability Insurance, or as long as your are on my website you could call Ron with Ron's Painting.

I know how difficult it is to have some stranger come into your home, and hopefully they will be careful moving your furniture.  At Ron's Painting-Fort Myers when we do interior home painting we try to make it as painless as possible for the homeowner.  Whether you are at home during the painting process or are gone, and would like us to do the painting while you are gone, no problem, we can do the painting either way.  What ever the homeowner is comfortable with. Here are some pictures for you to view of the interior of a home we painted on Sanibel Island.  As you can see the painting professionals at Ron's Painting take the extra step by moving all of the furniture and covering everything to make sure we do not get paint splatters where they do not belong. This is automatically done at no extra cost to the homeowner.  Before we moved any of the furnishing of this Sanibel home we took pictures of the interior of the home so we could remember how everything went back in place. We do this every time we do interior house painting and the homeowners are out of town. We painted the ceilings, walls and all trim on the interior of this Sanibel home. The homeowners were not home when we did this job. When they did come home everything was back in the right place, floors swept and mopped, ready for them to enjoy their new interior paint job. Whether we are painting the entire house for a client or just painting a room in a home, we treat each painting project with the utmost respect.  We are always willing to work with our clients to give them painting ideas and help guide them in choosing the right paint colors or paint schemes for painting a room or entire house.


Painted Furniture

We can even paint your furniture and give a room a total new look while we are doing your interior painting.  When we did the interior painting for this homeowner in Gulf Harbor we also painted the master bed headboard, 2 night stands, dresser and entertainment center for the master bedroom suite, then we painted the dinette table and chairs, a frame on a mirror, and the guest bedroom headboards, dresser and night stand. 


  • Interior Home and Exterior Home Painting Service
  • Staining and varnishing
  • Faux finishing, Decorative Painting
  • Wallpaper removal and walls patched to match existing texture
  • Drywall repair
  • Wood repair
  • Furniture painting done in our spray booth
  • Kitchen and Bathroom cabinet painting done in our spray booth
  • Remove/paint popcorn ceilings, if home is built after 1978
  • Premium caulk and paint products
  • Furniture moved, protected, and put back in place
  • Uses environmentally friendly interior paints on walls
  • Furniture painting
  • Painting of plantation shutters
  • Painting of A/C vents
  • Project clean up


Ron's Painting was chosen by new homeowners from Canada to paint the interior of this home in Village Walk, Bonita Springs. Debra McAllister-Brown with MVP Realty not only sold the home, but also worked closely with Ron's Painting and interior designer, Barbara Bell, from Barbara Bell Design Group to coordinate everything just weeks after the closing of the home.


Paper applied on the new hardwood floors to protect from scratching during the painting process.

Ron's Painting started this project the day after the homeowners closing. We painted the entire home’s interior with two coats of Sherwin Williams’ Harmony on the ceilings and walls, and one coat of Sherwin Williams’ Pro-classic semi-gloss enamel on all doors, door casings, baseboards, and crown moldings.


Plastic applied to the kitchen cabinets to protect the surfaces from paint splatter and down drop used on the floors over the paper for extra protection.

Many of the rooms were painted different colors, and we also painted the interior of the garage, finishing within the time frame required so the furniture could be delivered, set up, and the homeowners could move into a move-in ready home.  Prior to move-in, Ron's Painting did a thorough cleansing of the home before the furniture was delivered, which included hand washing all counter tops, sinks, and floors. 

All windows are also covered with plastic, as we begin to paint the ceilings with the first of two coats of paint.

Ron’s Painting also painted the home next door to this one for those new homeowners as well. Barbara Bell helped the homeowners pick all the paint colors and furnishings, and she also prepared all rooms, ensuring that the arriving homeowners had clean sheets to sleep, and had clean towels in all of the bathrooms. The refrigerator was also partially stocked for a small welcome home party.

Below is a video of the painting project in Village Walk, Bonita Springs:

Ron's Painting started the above project the day after the homeowners closing. We painted the entire home’s interior with two coats of Sherwin Williams’ Harmony on the ceilings and walls, and one coat of Sherwin Williams’ Pro-classic semi-gloss enamel on all doors, door casings, baseboards, and crown moldings.

Does your painting contractor have the availability to spray paint your louvered bi-fold doors, or shutters away from your home?  Or are they hand painted on site?

shutters in spray booth

The clients of Ron's Painting do not have to worry about a mess in the interior of their homes.  Ron's Painting-Fort Myers takes all louvered bi-fold doors to our shop where we have a spray booth.  We clean the bi-fold doors at our shop, let them dry overnight and spray paint them at our Fort Myers shop.  This allows us to give the homeowner a quality interior paint job with less mess at their home.  It also allows us to be more efficient and get the paint job done in a more timely manor. We have the availability to spray paint doors, bi-fold doors, louvered shutters, furniture, or outdoor furniture.  Our spray booth can be utilized on all of our painting jobs throughout Southwest Florida, whether it be for interior painting or exterior painting.  This is one more way that we are able to provide "Quality without Question".

shutters in spray booth