Exterior painting of this South Fort Myers HomeDon't you just love coming home at the end of a long day and pulling up to our beautiful home? I'll bet when you walk in the door, and it gives you a feeling of satisfaction to have a home that is peaceful and relaxing.

 As a painting contractor I have learned that a home's design is very important to all of my clients. This is why many of them have us paint the interior of their home so they can achieve relaxation or a new look.  Whether a first-home purchase or a homeowner for many years, homeowners are always looking for the latest in home design.  Case in point, just look how popular HGTV has become over the years, also just recently the Magnolia Network with Chip and Joanna Gaines.  I'll bet you are just like my wife, who is constantly watching HGTV for living room ideas, bedroom designs, home decorating ideas, or just advise on interior design. My wife's only problem is she can never get her husband to paint the interior of our home as he is too busy making his clients homes beautiful!  Magnolia, from the Magnolia Network now has now branched out into the paint industry. Their Magnolia  interior paint colors are now being carried by Ace Hardware and the colors can be viewed on line. I see according to their website they have furniture, rugs and Decor. I just happened to be at a Ace Hardware near me and saw the display for the Magnolia paint colors in their main isle.

 Over  the last 35 years, I have painted the interiors of so many homes in Southwest Florida.  During this time I have seem homes' interiors change to many different decorating styles, depending on what the latest designs or trends including a color change on walls, painting wood or Formica cabinets in kitchens, or add a Faux finish to a coffer ceiling. We are now using a lot of metallics and glitter paints as accents in rooms. In this time I have worked with many interior designers in Southwest Florida and have learned that different interior designers have different styles.  Some of the interior designers I  do work for are  Barbara Bell from Barbara Bell Design Group  Sherri BradfordLeslie Gebbert , Crystal Scribner and Donna Overly with Vogue Interiors in Bonita Springs, and Lisa Giambra and Annette Ullrich with Robb and Stucky Internatinal here in Fort Myers. 

 Many homeowners do not realize how important it is to find the right interior designer to help them with their home's interior.  Whether they are looking for decorating ideas, a complete new home and furniture design, or even a kitchen design, an interior designer can help you find or enhance your particular style.  The designers I have worked with in the past are extremely talented, and to watch them create the correct color pallette for the interior of a home, and then tie in the same colors into the furnishings, window treatments, bedspreads, add a little Faux finsih or wallpaper, then adding the correct accessories, can give the homeower and whole new look to their home without the stress.  With their being so many different interior design styles, such as Contemporary, Traditional, Modern, Eclectic, Mediterranian, Tuscan, or even the  Restoration Hardware look, many homeowners need the help of an interior designer to bring everything together, especially if you have a combination of decorating styles in your home. There are many who provide painting services in Southwest Florida, but few who paint like we do at Ron's Painting.  We give the homeowner what they want, and beautiful new look and peace of mind.

Barbara Bell, Barbara Bell Design Group- Fort Myers, Florida

Bell-Barbara logoWorking with a designer can be very beneficial for a client.  The professionals at Ron's Painting have a qualified professional designer they recommend to their potential clients upon a signed contract.  Barbara Bell with Barbara Bell Design Group will help and guide clients to achieve the color concept they want to see in their homes. By making recommendations for a proper flow from room to room, or just "tweaking" ( or adjusting) a color for a more, "pleasing" to the eye feel, but always keeping the clients best interest in mind.
 Listening to a clients desires and needs about the final outcome they want to see and feel in their home is very important to Barbara.  Knowing if a client is more of a minimalistic person or eclectic in taste, believe it or not, that all plays a part in selecting colors and design.
 At the same time when selecting colors, it is always nice to discuss any further changes a client may want to do now or in the near future. That is another benefit when working with a qualified designer. The client and I can brainstorm about any furniture changes or additions needed, window treatment design ideas, or maybe just updating some accessories.
 Many times Barbara can take the existing items a client already has, anything from furniture to accessories,relocating them in the home, which can make all the difference in the world. By just making a simple shift, it can bring a whole new feel to a room.

As a Feng Shui practitioner the proper flow in a home is very important, and can play a big part in a homeowners decision for a new home design. Whether we are working with just colors or placement of other items, such as furniture, accessories, rugs, window treatments, all things come into play when working with Feng Shui. People will tell me that they feel  something just isn't right in their homes , but they can't put their finger on it.  I come into the home and give them an assessment of what I see and feel.  It may be a lighting issue, or maybe there are just to many hard surfaces, which could make the room feel very cold and uninviting   After accessing the home or it may just be a room or office space, I make recommendations to change the flow and feel in that particular space. 

 There may be a case where a client is trying to sell their home or have purchased a foreclosure. My Feng Shui skills can be applied by space clearing the home for the intention of selling, or just  making that new home feel like it is their own home.

 If a client is going to do any remodeling in their home, there are certain Feng Shui applications that can be done before, during, and after the  remodeling.  Starting with  space clearing, intention writing, and then placement. Each application can be put in place as depending on how in depth the client wants to go with Feng Shui and their home.

 Barbara Bell, Barbara Bell Design Group - Fort Myers, Florida 239-440-6618 

Here is a video of a homes interior in Colonial Country Club after the Ron's Painting team completely painted the homes interior.  We not only painted the interor of this home, we also did extrior painting as well.  In this video you will see how an interior designer can help homeowners pick the right colors for a home's interior to make the colors flow from one room to another.  Also, please pay special attention to the craftmanship in the painting. In this video I want to be able to show potential cleints the quality of workmanship of the team of Ron's Painting and the craftsmanship in the painting.  In this video, potential cleints can visually see the quality of workmanship performed by the Ron's Painting team, which is the differnence between Ron's Painting and other painting contractors in Southwest Florida.

The handrails in this home were originally oak stained.  After the homeowners replace the carpet on the steps and landing with new hardwood, Ron's Painting then faux finished the handrails to match the hardwood floors.  Notice how the Ron's Painting team leaves the homes interior clean when we are finished painting, and cut lines at ceilings, around door casings, at baseboards, and rounded corners are straight. There is no paint splatter left behind.  When we are done, we even vacuum carpeted floors, sweep and wash the tile and wood floors before we leave.

If this home was completely furnished the team at Ron's Painting replaces back all furnishings when painting is completed. In this particular home Barbara Bell with Barbara Bell Design Group met with the homeowners and helped them with the following color choices.

  • Kitchen/Dinette area was painted in PPG color Coffee Crunch.
  • Living room (lower area), dining room, foyer, front bedroom, laundry room was painted in Benjamin Moores Wilmington Tan.
  • Power bathroom off of Kitchen, upstairs 2 bedrooms, and bathroom were painted in Benjamin Moore Chesterfield Buff.
  • Upper level sitting area, upper walls in living room, stairwell, and part of entrance foyer were painted in Benjamin Moore Monroe Bisque.
  • Master bedroom and bathroom suite were painted in Benjamin Moore Dark Beige.
  • Ceilings were painted in ceiling white.
  • All doors, door casings, baseboards,columns, wainscoating, picture and crown molding were painted in a off white.

The ceilings were painted with Sherwin Williams Eminence ceiling paint.

Walls were painted with Sherwin Williams Harmony in a flat finish.

All trim was painted with Sherwin Williams Pro-Classic semi-gloss latex enamel. 

In this next Home-Design video the homeowners goal was to light the feel of her home by changing the wall colors, new faux finishing, painting, window treatments and all new furniture.  The way the home looked before Sherri Bradford from Vogue interior made changes, had a heavy Tuscan feel, and this was not what the homeowner was happy with.  The homeowner wanted to change to a more modern, lighter feel with a more open space feeling in the home.  Light and airy and she wanted Sherri to find the furnishings that would reflect the homeowners style.  Sherri started with very dark walls and Ron's Painting lighten the walls with all new paint colors.  Sherri Bradford worked closely with the homeowner and chose new fabrics and furnishings to tie everything together.  Once the job was completed the homeowner was overwhelmed at how beautiful everything looked and how much lighter the interior of her home now was.

  • Dining Room, Front Foyer and Living Room ceilings were painting in SW 6077
  • Dining Room, Front Foyer and Living Room walls were painted in SW 6078
  • Family Room, Kitchen, Dinette, and Back Hallway walls were painted in SW 6105
  • Master Bedroom and Hallway in Master Bedroom walls were painted in SW 6077 

All interior paint and colors that we painted the interior of this Naples home was Sherwin Williams. We used Super Paint interior flat.  It was important to the homeower to provide a paint with flat finish, that was washable and that could be touched up in the furture.  That's why we chose the Sherwin Williams interior Super Paint, it was the perfect premium paint for this job.

If you are happy with what you see in our video, please don't hesitate to call Ron at Ron's Painting at 239.229.5669 for a complimentary estimate.

Some designers will only do a certain style, lets say Modern, however most professional designers can do any style you the homeowner are looking for.  The professional designer will also know what shops or catalogs to look at for the furnishing that are required for the desired look a homeower is trying to accomplish for that particular design style for their new interior home design. Here are some of the interior designers the team of Ron's Painting have had the pleasure to work with on different home design projects in Southwest Florida.

Sherri Bradford, Allied member ASID, Vogue Interiors, Bonita Springs, Florida

Sherri Bradford Vogue Interiors Bonita Springs FloridaThe overall feel of your home is critical to enjoying the time you send there.  An interior designer can save a homeowner time by guiding them through the entire home design process, enduring that the colors, fabrics, furnishings and window treatments that you choose for your home, flow together seamlessly to create that perfect space.  An interior designer can also help you explore professional, creative home design ideas beyond your expectations that will enhance the look and  feel you want greater than you ever imagined possible.  Sherri Bradford with Vogue Interiors loves to create residences that are comfortable for her clients, their family and friends.  When Bradford manages a remodeling design project for a homeowner, it is always gratifying to be able to remove various elements from the home the client no longer cares for and to make selections that transform their spaces into something new and wonderful.    With 26 years in the design field, to Sherri Bradford an important part of that process involves filling the home with colors, textural elements, furnishings and finishes that make the environment better suited to a homeowners wants, needs and expectations.  It is also important to Sherri to fully understand a client’s vision and to be able to provide a look that truly reflects what they want in their home.  To Sherri Bradford with Vogue Interiors that is the truest measure of the success of a design.

Sherri Bradford, Vogue Interiors, Bonita Springs, Florida 239.498.7500

Lisa Giambra, Sales Manager & Annette Ullrich are both Interior Designers at Robb & Stucky Intl., Fort Myers and Boca Raton, Florida

Lisa Giambra's photo downsizedAs a designer at Robb & Stucky Intl. in Fort Myers, Lisa's Giambra's professional skill and experience exemplify the balance of casual elegance with classic style. "I love to take a neutral pallet and kick it up a notch!" If you have found your inspiration and feel for your home Lisa can interpret that with the perfect color selection. If you need help finding that perfect inspiration…Lisa will have a consultation with you to find out what makes you happy and surround you in it. "I believe in my instincts and they haven't failed me yet." Lisa has since transferred to store manager to Robb & Stucky Intl.- in Boca Raton. 

 Lisa Giambra, Robb & Stucky Intl.- Boca Raton, Florida 561-931-2672is now the store manager at Robb & Stucky in Boca Raton.  

Annette Ullrich, Robb & Stucky Intl.- Fort Myers 415-6053 Interior Designer 

If you partner with Annette Ullrich she'll be sure to weave a little magic into your lifestyle!  I have experienced Annette work wonders for many of my clients. Annette has great creativity and a infectious enthusiasm for design.


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