Commercial Painting Services

When Ron's Painting does commercial painting we have to make adjustments to our schedule to ensure we do not disrupt any business for the owner or inconvenience the patrons of the business.

We have painted for the owner of City Tavern several times, and each time we do the painting we start at 4 am, and we have to finish each day by 10 am to ensure they are open for business by 11 am each day.  We have painted both the interior and exterior of his building.

When we painted the exterior of the building for Certified Automotive we did all of the painting on weekends only.  Their business is open everyday during the week, and with all of the vehicles coming and going, we could not take a chance of getting paint on vehicles or disrupting their business, so we worked 4 weekends in a row to give the exterior of this building a face lift.

If you have ever driven down Summerlin Road going to Sanibel, I am sure you have noticed this old bank building that was converted to Haiken Dermatology.  We gave this building a complete face lift and now this building just glows with the new  paint color we used.

We also did a face lift for the new owners of this building in Cape Coral on Del Prado.  The building was not kept up, and the new owner wanted to clean up the exterior of this building with a fresh coat of paint.(front view from street)

As you can see Ron's Painting does may types of commercial painting.  We always keep the business owners best interest in mind while we freshen up their commercial building to ensure the patrons keep coming back.