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Tray Ceilings

There are many ways to add  a "WOW" factor to a room, and if your home has tray ceilings or many times they are called coffer ceilings this adds another dimension to a room.

I always like to suggest to homeowners we we are painting the interior of their homes to add a splash of color to the coffers.  There are many ways, techniques and options to do this, depending on how your tray ceilings is laid out and if your tray ceilings have crown molding in them.

In the above picture we faux finished this particular tray ceiling using glitter paint, which comes in many different colors.

The below ceiling we also used glitter paint, however as you can see this is a bronze paint color.  154739

As you can see in the next picture, how we painted this coffer ceilings using a metallic paint.  This particular coffer ceiling has crown molding in it.  We also painted the step below the crown molding to give this particular coffer a different look.  By painting coffer ceilings that can give a room a completely different feel to it.  173842

There is no set rule as to how to paint or accent a tray ceiling.  In this particular picture the homeowners just wanted to top area of the coffer ceiling accented with a simple faux finish.  As you can see we always paint a/c vents and lights to match the new paint color or faux finish. If there is a smoke detector in the coffer ceiling we do not paint them.  (entrance foyer tray ceiling)

Many times homeowners would like to have a faux finish done in a room, but the room has so much furniture in it, if we faux finished the walls the homeowners would not be able to appreciate the faux finish that we have done, however if there is a coffer or tray ceiling in the room, this is what you can add that faux finish or that new splash of color to get that "WOW" factor in the room.